we are WOLF not a dog

my mission #1 MEME to Cardano Community

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About $WOLF

$WOLF is a real and authentic Cardano Community MEME Token with a mission. WOLF was born on 12/10/2021 2:46:02 PM with block 6609924 in epoc 307 in great Cardano Land. WOLF grew up in a great community and grew up to be a proud WOLF. 


WOLF saw how a few dogs was getting more and more cheeky and decided to face them.

@WolfCardano - JOIN the LEGEND


Distribution Policy

2nd Whale-Round OPEN !

$WOLF fair prize distribution

Claim 500.000.000.000 $WOLF and become a whale


  • Send exact 5 ADA for 500 Billion $WOLF

  • Send exact 25 ADA for 3500 Billion $WOLF

  • Send exact 50 ADA for 7000 Billion $WOLF

  • Send exact 100 ADA for 14 Trillion $WOLF

NOTICE: Don`t send from any exchange! (your amount will be lost!)



We send 1,5 ADA together with $WOLF back

  • Please note! We distribute our $WOLF Token ONCE A DAY so 1/24

  • Please also note! If you send another ADA amount as displayed it is confirmed as a donation to WOLF.



You have a Cardano POOL?

You and your great delegators are very welcome. Small and charitable pools are particularly welcome. But we don't exclude anyone from our mission. $WOLF loves his great Cardano Community. He was born in this Community and grow up in this Community. $WOLF will distribute an higher Token amount to your great Pool delegators. So you will have an big advance! WOLF supports Cardano decentralization :)

Do on DISCORD a #pool-admin-request or use the CONTACT FORM.

@WolfCardano - JOIN the LEGEND


SPO Partners

successful together

Stake your ADA and claim huge 20 billion $WOLF extra rewards.



Indonesian Cardano Stake Pool

Kawan Cardano is part of Mission Driven Pool. To provide emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters by deposit 10% of operator reward into emergency fund wallet and distribute as a relief fund in the event of a natural disaster.

We are KAWAN (means Friend in bahasa) for all of you. Grettings, Kawanua Pool.

KAWAN is the first partner of $WOLF :-)

We invite you to delegate to KAWANUA - a purpose driven stake pool.

Stake your ADA with KAWANUA and earn BIG extra rewards $WOLF




Unique CNFT´s

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Wolf Cardano ($WOLF)

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Twitter WINNER`s


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January 11, 2022


January 15, 2022


What is $ WOLF

$WOLF is an Cardano MEME Token. Minted on 12/10/2021 2:46:02 PM with block 6609924 in epoch 307.

What is the Roadmap?

My  mission is become #1 Cardano MEME for the greatest Community on Earth!

WOLF came to stay and will maybe become a Cardano LEGEND.

We will see what the future brings to our great WOLF Pack ;)

We are WOLF not a dog!

What is the total token amount? $WOLF

Why is this amount so huge?

So that every wolf in the steadily growing Cardano Land gets something from it.

What is the Tocenomics?

From the total we have only a use for 60% (so this is the 100% base). We don't intend to use the remaining 40%

20% for Partner Pool ISPO (

60% for public distribution (of that 28% DripDropz general distribution to Cardano Community as a flat rate)

10% for PROJECTS

10% for the team

Are there any Halvings too?

YES --> so be fast and claim before next $WOLF halving

Are there any Burnings too?

The $WOLF burning event will be no later than December 31, 2022

What is the Value?

There is NO usecase & NO value! So the Value is ZERO ;-)

How can I get some $WOLF?

This is very easy. Follow instructions on the Sale Stage.

Will you mint any CNFTs?

Yes we already designed and mint unique @WolfCardano CNFT Editions
Follow me and stay informed :-)

$ WOLF works with POOLs?

YES absolutely true.

Wolf grew up in the Cardano community and will therefore always support charity-oriented pools. Pool Admins contact me.  READ MORE.

What do you thing about charity?

As a pack leader, charity is a matter of course. We want to do great works.

We are only at the beginning ;-)

How can I become a part of $ WOLF?

That is also very easy. Follow me and support our mission. You can communicate with me directly. You are part of a great Cardano and WOLF community. Everyone is welcome.

What comes at the end?

Hopefully a decentralized community of wolves (DAO). Then the goal Cardano MEME #1 would have been reached.

The great Cardano Land is only just developing. $ WOLF came at exactly the right time to stay.

Finally. Do you like Dog`s?

Dogs are descended from wolves as everyone knows.


Risk Disclosure:
$WOLF Token is not a registered broker, analyst or investment advisor. Everything that we provide on this site is purely for guidance, informational and educational purposes. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon such information or services. Please be aware of the risks involved with any trading done in any financial market. All information contained herein should be independently verified and confirmed. Do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. When in doubt, you should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Please note there are always risks associated with crypto currencies. Please use at your own risk.