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ISPO Program

You and your great delegators are very welcome. Small and charitable pools are particularly welcome. But we don't exclude anyone from our mission. $WOLF loves his great Cardano Community. He was born in this Community and grow up in this Community. $WOLF will distribute an higher Token amount to your great Pool delegators. So you will have an big advance! WOLF supports Cardano decentralization :)

Do a Discord Request for this!

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Stake your ADA and claim huge $WOLF extra rewards with

SPO Partners

successful together

Stake your ADA and claim huge $WOLF extra rewards.


Cardano Token Distribution System

Stake WolfCardano NFTs & PoketTowne Paper Doll NFTs in your Wallet and claim each epoch $WOLF and $PTC token for free. Up to 120% interest rates p.a. possible.

Also you get higher claims if you stake your ADA into one of our following partner pools :-)


TosiDrop is a Cardano Token distribution system. Visit TosiDrop and check your rewards. Increase your rewards with delegating to one of your partner pools and/or stake Wolf Cardano CNFTs in your wallet. This will secure you additional rewards!

Claim up to trillions of $WOLF with TosiDrop!

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